DJ Tomekk & M.O.P. – Never Give Up

DJ Tomekk & M.O.P. – Never Give Up

“Impeach the president”

Hip Hop has always been famous for the relationship between producer and emcee. Many classics have been made by the perfect pairs coming together and producer DJ Tomekkand legendary emcee duo M.O.P. have come together to make their own stamp together with their new track “Never Give Up”.

DJ Tomekk crafts together a brilliant production filed with energy with the perfect fuse of Rock and Hip Hop that M.O.P. rhymes flexes over perfectly. M.O.P. gives the people what they’re legendary for on “Never Give Up” with their hard infectious flow that’s super engaging and their conscious lyrics that you feel in your chest, as well as provoke thought that knocks it out the park.

DJ Tomekk and M.O.P.’s “Never Give Up” is that music that keeps the glue to the game tight. It’s everything that you’re looking for when you listen to music, from amazing production that’s rocking, as well as amazing emceeing that makes this a master class of music.

Check out DJ Tomekk and M.O.P.’s “Never Give Up” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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