” We can just go on the run”

Nothing is more exciting than Fridays at Global Media R&B. The best of the best comes out this day every week to give the people the music they want and the music they need. ZAIA gives the people the music they need with his new song “ON THE RUN” off his “RESET” project.

ZAIA embodies the soul R&B music is legendary for with his new song “ON THE RUN. It’s a fly soul sound that grabs you instantly. ZAIA masters his skills with singing and melodic rap cadence in the verses that’s truly infectious as he creates musical gold. The song shines in every category with the songwriting being the thing of hits, with the engaging lyrics that you feel, and can sing like your new favorite song.

ZAIA’s “ON THE RUN” is the perfect song to get away to. It brings back the music you can just throw your headphones on for and get lost in the magic of the work. ZAIA‘s artistry is on full bloom for the world to enjoy with this just in time smash.

Check out ZAIA “ON THE RUN” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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