Stevie Nel – Evolve

“That’s just the way it goes”

Friday’s are always the day we try to start the weekend fresh by bringing the best music we can. Bring music to you that we find to be special, that has a certain thing about it that speaks to us. The ultra talented Stevie Nel has that feel with his new record “Evolve”.

Stevie Nel crafts together a heartfelt smash on his new song “Evolve”. Stevie truly works like a master on this new song that you feel in every way. The production sets the tone, with Stevie using his deep lyrics and vulnerable vocal approach, to make a genius level connection with the listener that you feel to your core.

Stevie Nel’s “Evolve” is what you get when an artist is fearless and lays it all out there for the listener to enjoy. It’s honest, raw, and daring it’s approach that pays off in a major way for this special talent. Stevie’s talents are on full display with everything being done at a stellar level on this track that connects to the soul.

Check out Stevie Nel “Evolve” below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!

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