Revolt – Shatterhand

Revolt – Shatterhand

“Dark thoughts are crawling”

New music is meant to be fresh. It’s meant to be exciting and bring something new to your life that you didn’t have before. That new fresh thing can come in many different sounds of audio. Some harsh and some smooth and melodic. What Revolt gives you is some of the most melodic Rock music you will hear present day on their new song “Shatterhand”.

Revolt dares to take chances and be great on this new song “Shatterhand”. The sound is innovative and daring as they give you a fresh new sound that’s enticing and takes you into a whole new world. The vocal performance is mesmerizing and feels like heaven to the ears, as they give you sound that feels like you’re walking on clouds to get this beautiful musical destination.

Revolt’s “Shatterhand” is a brilliant must hear track for the world to hear. The music is fresh and does everything to a genius level. From the amazing production, incredible song writing, that is executed by an incredible vocal performance that will make you fall in love with music again.

Check out Revolt “Shatterhand” below and follow them on Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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