Mr. Hudson – When The Machine Stops (Album Review)

Mr. Hudson – When The Machine Stops (Album Review)

After an artist has success, the only thing that can keep them making great new work is the love of music. The desire to still being something creative and innovative to the table even though there’s nothing left to prove. Mr Hudson steps up and shows he still has something to bring the world on some his most creative and honest work to date on his new project “WHEN THE MACHINE STOPS”. A collection of music that takes you on a journey that is exciting, raw, vulnerable, and damn good music for you to enjoy. We dive deep below.

ANTIDOTE:  “At least you stabbed me in the front” A perfect intro track to let you know what to expect moving forward. The production is simplistic, yet engaging, that lets the spotlight shine on the honest songwriting packed with engaging lyrics and vulnerable vocal approach that makes a perfect statement for this first track.

TESLA:Mr Hudson changes pace on second track, that is the musical representation of him stepping out to fireworks with a rocking production, that he commands your attention on. The bravado in the approach is infectious, while still having heavy content in the lyrics, that makes this track have unlimited replay value.

Chicago: “Chicago must be so much fine this time of year”Mr Hudson‘s songwriting shines on this track that may be my personal favorite. The production keeps this project sonically brilliant, with an epic sound, while he brings his fresh approach to music making, to create a one of a kind experience. Chicago’s own Vic Mensa steps in and makes his mark as a feature in a style that reminds you of “Thank Me Later” Drake, that adds a nice touch to the track.

YOUR RELIGION:  “I’ll be your religion” A superb record showing his skills at full bloom, filled with creative lyrics filled with metaphors. Schae aides this record with a great vocal performance that meshes perfectly with this production with a dark elegance to it that you admire.

WHAT IF I GO NORTH: The sound is a continual vibe from the groundwork already established that keeps this thing going just right. With a sound that takes you back to late 80’s/early 90’s Alternative sound. It’s some of Mr Hudsons best work with his smooth vocals, delivering his genius level songwriting that makes every song sound like a hit.

MAGIC CITY Feat Taylor Bennett & Josh Dean: “I need to find somewhere they don’t know my name”The perfect track to get lost in, with the record having a getaway tone to it. Taylor Bennett provides an exciting rap performance with his flow being fluid as ever, riding the waves of the beat that makes everything flow perfectly for this track.

WHAT WE DO NOW: A record packed with plenty of raw emotion and vulnerability that is a rarity in today’s musical climate. Everything clicks on all cylinders with the production, lyrics, and vocal performance all having the same tone that makes everything click on a special level.

BLACK MIRROR Feat Petite Noir: “Without you here I’m nothing” This song is a pop music art piece. Mr.Hudsongives you everything and more on this track. The production is exciting with hard drums and nice synth work in the chorus, as well as sample work at the end that is the nice touch.

SLEPT ON ME: Mr Hudson creates a bounce back anthem with some of his most relatable songwriting as he talks about getting over a relationship, which is universally something everyone can feel on a religious level. The vocal performance has the perfect blend of masculinity and vulnerability to it that makes it as honest of music you can hear today.

GO NOW: “If you wanna go now, then I’m leaving now with you” Approaching the end we get a record that makes you picture yourself with someone you care about and being daring in your approach to love, with him giving you the perfect soundtrack to get away with the one you care about. The production has a dark love to it, accompanied by a vocal performance you can feel, that makes it all real for you to enjoy.

CLOSING TIME Feat Goody Grace: The perfect finale for an amazing body of work. The finale encompasses everything that you get on this project. Intimate production, genius level songwriting, and a vocal performance that embodies adding emotion to your work. The project ends with a Goody Grace interview discussing depression that makes the message hit home more than ever.

Mr Hudson’s “WHEN THE MACHINE STOPS” is what you get when an artist can be as creative and honest as they can be. The creativity and execution of his musical skills is truly unique, as well as music brilliance, as he let’s his message be felt as well as his genius.

Check out Mr Hudson “WHEN THE MACHINE STOPS” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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