The Perfect Mess – Dead Beat

The Perfect Mess – Dead Beat

“Are you entertained”

There’s never a shortage of music. Everyday there’s a plethora of artists dropping new songs for the world to hear. With all the music out there, some music is just undeniable and is work that you must not only listen to, but rock out too. The Perfect Mess has that type of music with their new song “Dead Beat”.

The Perfect Mess does a special kind of magic with their new song “Dead Beat”. It’s an amazing record that has synth work that makes it reminiscent to 80’s Rock jams but, with their own new twist that makes you dream while digging this artistry being displayed. From the beginning to end, the musicianship displayed by The Perfect Mess is genius level and lets their musical talent shine on this great audio art.

The Perfect Mess “Dead Beat” is everything that music lovers can enjoy all over the world. The creativity and innovation shines, with their talents being on full display. The production is high quality, the lyrics are engaging as well as thought provoking, and the right vocal performance that delivers the message perfectly.

Check out The Perfect Mess “Dead Beat” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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