Marcus Merckx featuring BoodahDarr – World Tour

Marcus Merckx featuring BoodahDarr – World Tour

“Stand back and watch me flex”

The whole purpose of starting the Global Money World was to showcase the best music from around the world. The music that must be acknowledged and is game changing in it’s approach. No other song is a game changer right now like Marcus Merckxnew song featuring BoodahDarrcalled “World Tour”.  

Marcus Merckx gives that infectious raw lyricism and energy on “World Tour’ as he spits nothing but bravado filled fire, over this production that takes you back to Dipset mixtape days. Marcus Merckx flow and cadence is commanding with unlimited value as he makes his presence felt as soon as he steps to the mic.

BoodahDarr is enlisted for the feature on this track and his voice commands your attention as he has a style that is the perfect compliment to this smash. BoodahDarr makes this beat his own to take this track that is leaving earth to the moon.

Marcus Merckx featuring BoodahDarr “world Tour” is impressive lyricism, commanding flows, and amazing production  that makes for a stellar track. Marcus Merckx and BoodahDarr’sperformances is superb as they raise the bar  with a brilliant display of hip hop.

Check out Marcus Merckx featuring BoodahDarr“World Tour” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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