Dee Wallz – I’m So Raw

Dee Wallz – I’m So Raw

“You talking to the CEO of myself”

Hip Hop has a lot of different elements and the genre having so much flash present day, it’s easy for people to forget one of the most important elements, bars. That thing that grabs your mind and makes you in for excitement like a NBA contest. Emcees ripping isn’t as common as it used to be, but some artists still make it a point to step up on the mic. Dee Wallz is one of those emcees with his new song I’m So Raw”.

Dee Wallz puts on a marvelous display of hip hop craftsmanship that can’t be ignored on “I’m So Raw”. He has a flow that is very well polished and trained that rides all over this production, as you can hear in his voice his burning desire to rip the mic int shreds. Dee Wallz lyrics are also high class, as he is lyrically supreme to make this track incredible on every level.

Dee Wallz “I’m So Raw” is the song you need to stop what you’re doing and hear today. It’s the song for music lovers everywhere, with Dee giving you nothing but gold standard hip hop across the board. He hit’s the mark in every aspect from flow, lyrics, delivery, and production that makes this a must hear.

Check out Dee Wallz “I’m So Raw” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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