“To me who I’m planning to be”

Hip Hop has always been a thing of collaboration. Since the beginning of Hip hop being about who has the best crew and ready to flex skills for supremacy in this ever growing genre. It’s that collaboration mentality that helped make some of the best records ever made and this new song from Unchained XL featuring John Givez, CHOZXN, and Kevin Posey is a record for the ages.

John Givez, CHOZXN, and Kevin Posey “Letter to My Future Self”  bring that edge on their new song “Letter to My Future Self” with all their flows carrying the energy of them trying to rip any mic or emcee into shreds, with lyrics being filled with hunger and sharp enough to cut this beat into it’s smallest form. Each line packs hard bars that are equipped with excitement in every line that makes each emcee stand out in a major way.

Unchained XL featuring John Givez, CHOZXN, and Kevin Posey “Letter to My Future Self” is that gold standard Hip Hop that shows that Hip Hop is still full of life. This collective approaches music with integrity and it’s ever so present on this amazing track. The lyrics are hard and pack a punch, the flow is high powered, and it’s all delivered on the right production to make this a stand out track that will make the earth shake.

Check out Unchained XL featuring John Givez, CHOZXN, and Kevin Posey “Letter to My Future Self” below and follow them on Twitter, as well as Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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