Mars Reel Chronicles: Lebron “Bronny” James Jr

Mars Reel Chronicles: Lebron “Bronny” James Jr

Sports lovers everywhere, 

Check out new Mars Reel Chronicles Series where they explore the lives of the top middle school and high school NBA prospects. The current series focus is featuring none other than Lebron James Jr!!! Bronny is an incredible with expected hype following him making a name for himself outside of his legendary father. 

Mars Reels has been chronicling Bronny and the Blue Chip’s summer activity with unrivaled access.  Each episode of Chronicles gives a peek into the life of this future superstars while showcasing his immense talent. With every two weeks a new episode being available for the people to view. Viewers can watch each episode early by signing up to the Mars Club newsletter on the website.

Check out the Last three episodes of Mars Reel Chronicles: Lebron “Bronny” James jr below and follow Mars Reel on Social Media. Stay Global my Friends!

Bronny Episode 1:

Bronny Episode 2:

Bronny Episode 3:

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