Look Vibrant – The Good Truth

Look Vibrant – The Good Truth

“Violence, violence, what a bore”  

Some music is just undeniable and goes beyond someones musical preference and is just a damn good record, that you must not only listen to, but love and appreciate. Some music just lays right into it with an infectious sound that you just have to step back and enjoy the sounds. Look Vibrant has that type of music with their new song “The Good Truth”.

Look Vibrant creates a out of this world jam with their new song “The Good Truth”. Look Vibrantgrabs you immediately with their incredible production and instrumentation that stops you in your tracks and leaves you in awe. On top of the incredible production is an amazing vocal performance that delivers their amazing lyrics with masterful execution, that makes for an elite level display of artistry.

Look Vibrant’s “The Good Truth” is a song you owe it to yourself to hear if you love music. From beginning to end this talented collective gives you a high class display of musicianship, from the production and instrumentation, high caliber vocal performance, and creative songwriting that makes this record a song you can’t go without.

Check out Look Vibrant“The Good Truth” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!



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