CEO of M3S3 Apparel Fred Thompson talks his Vision, Brand, and Future of M3S3 Apparel

CEO of M3S3 Apparel Fred Thompson talks his Vision, Brand, and Future of M3S3 Apparel

Building a brand goes far beyond just what you market, but the values that you instill not only in your company but the culture. The way of how what you do resonates with the people is what will shine through the most, and the cultural impact rooted in honor and integrity has gotten M3S3 Apparel far. CEO of M3S3 Apparel Fred Thompson not only has great clothing but greater principals for this thriving company. We wanted to know more about the man and the company. Fred was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Fred Thompson?

A Father, Husband, Military Veteran, Mentor and Entrepreneur. From a small city called Goldsboro North Carolina, but currently Making Moves in Miami Florida.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

It’s started with being around people growing up who had to dress nice we always had to have the right shirt the right had the right paints and the right shoes.  It’s a little insane because to a certain extent it was more important than anything else because of the reaction you again if you were not dressed a certain way at some of the schools I went to, The older I got the more I want it what I wore to represent what I stood for it now matters to me who made when I’m wearing in with that company or brand is about.  M3S3 stand for “MEN MAKE MOVES, SUCKAZ STAND STILL” 3 Ms and 3 Ss.   This brand is for any man woman or child who chooses to make moves on a daily basis instead of sitting around and being a sucker and waiting for things to come to them or complaining because they don’t.  When people wear this brand I want them to feel like they’re putting energy on their body there’s no way you can sit around and make excuses while wearing M3S3 APPAREL! 

What’s your vision for M3S3 Apparel?

My vision for M3S3 apparel is to grow globally and to be embraced by the biggest to smallest type of person.  So if you are a Athlete, Body Builder, musician, artist, Mother, father, Child, everyday working person or hustler that MAKES MOVES everyday instead of being lazy and complacent, I want this brand to be the 1st thing that comes into your mind…like, “I cant just sit around..nah I’m M3S3, I gotta go get it” you understand?

What do you enjoy the most about running M3S3 Apparel? 

What I honestly enjoy the most about running this brain is not only seeing people embrace it and wear something that I created but we often use of percentage of what we make to help out the community we do a lot of work and giving back to our veterans underprivileged kids or even adults who receive out in the community making a difference with what they got I feel like that’s my favorite part of M3S3  Apparel. is being able to get out there and give back and motivate others through my brand.

What do you find most challenging?

The most challenging part is having to see what I believe this is going to be without using my eyes. I mean, being an entrepreneur is kind of like dreaming about what’s on the other side and just jumping with no parachute and knowing that your landing on a cloud instead of a hard surface or fire. I have to know this vision or dream is going to come true. I cant say I dont have time, I have to make time, I have to believe when no one else is believing, I have to keep going when it seems logical to give up just because I know this or later I’m going to be able to live this dream full time. It takes ALOT of self motivation.

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own brand?  

2 things, Your brand should represent you that way when you think about giving up your awsome giving up on yourself and you were truly believe that. Secondly,   You have to find someone or something That’s more important thing you to keep you going. If everything’s about you then when you hit something hard adversity or a challenge you’re more likely to give up because there’s no driving force behind what you do you’re not letting anyone down but you but if you find that person or people  That will hold you accountable and that you’re doing it for if you do give up or if you think about stopping your not only letting yourself down you’re letting down someone else’s well. For me its my family.  

What can people expect next from M3S3 Apparel?

We are currently working on our summer releases T shirts tank tops shorts and also we have opened up our customization feature to wear if we don’t have a color you like you can contact us to customize. We are definitely going to be more in the public eye this year so be on the look out for us whether it’s in the community on Instagram, Rap Battles, Sports, Celebrity Appearances or events. We are pushing hard this year to get out there. So follow us @m3s3apparel and check our store out a 


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