DefByMisadventure – no.1

DefByMisadventure – no.1

We get a lot of music here at Global Money World and with all of the music we get, we have never posted an instrumental by itself for our Hip Hop category. It’s almost been policy not to but there was no way we could be about posting the best music out there and honestly it would be in bad taste if we did not post DefByMisadventure‘s new tune “no.1”

DefByMisadventure creates a modern day Hip Hop renaissance piece with his new song “no.1”. It’s truly brilliant making an infectious groove that embodies how far Hip Hop has come, with people all over the world making quality work for the world to rock to. The sound is authentic and creative for this high level of production that shows he’s in another class behind the boards.

DefByMisadventure’s “no.1” is an undeniable work of a production that shows that Hip Hop is more alive than it’s ever been. The feeling and place the beat takes you is everything that makes people fall in love with music. The soulful feeling of it makes it a real thing that will have you rocking forever. 

Check out DefByMisadventure“no.1” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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