F.R.H. – Sunday Streams

F.R.H. – Sunday Streams

“10 out of 10 times you can bet my pistol loaded”

Happy F.R.H. Sunday!!! Every Sunday F.R.H. has been dedicated and consistent with incredible releases for his infamous Sunday Streams! F.R.H. has shown his wide range artistry with this entire collection showing he can take any idea from his mind and articulate it to a dope audio piece for anyone to enjoy as soon as they hit play. This Sunday F.R.H. drops the title track for “Sunday Streams”.

F.R.H. reps to the fullest with his new song “Sunday Streams”. Being the title track it was important for F.R.H. to up the ante and really go out fr this record, he does. His poise and presence as an emcee is undeniable, making every single line count packing his verses with unlimited bars and gems, while having a controlled and dominating flow that is match made in heaven with this hard production.

F.R.H.’s “Sunday Streams” is the perfect embodiment of what he has given us every Sunday since the start. Gold standard emceeing with modern day sounds to create a digestible sound for purists and casual fans alike. Every thing is at a high level and shows he can do it all on a track that you will love unpacking while letting it knock out your speakers.

Check out F.R.H. “Sunday Streams” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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