Master Pen: Sinsier

Master Pen: Sinsier

“Money talk, stay and listen close” 

What Helped the most with Hip Hop’s rise was the art of story telling. The messages in the rhymes that connected with people on a religious level, that became their guide to life. An emcee who embodies this is Sinsier with his new song “The Relay”. Sinsier was gracious enough to take the time to break down his Master Pen with us. Below is the interview.

Who is Sinsier the artist?

Sinsier is somebody who is versatile, authentic, and also transparent about my life and music. Life is the greatest muse and I try to paint according to how i see fit. I come from both sides of the track; I’ve seen the good and the bad. I believe the balance is what makes me, me honestly. 

Im a rising artist who faces the same life adversities as the next. That’s why i know the people can relate and feel the words i put out in the universe.

What inspired the lyrical approach to “The Relay”?

Aww man I think the beat spoke to me & once i heard what the Legendary Nip Hussle was saying i knew i couldn’t leave no stone unturned. So, it was a combination of Nip & the beat honestly. I felt what i was saying held weight if you really listen.

In your opinion what is the bar you wrote that you knew would get people’s attention and break it down?

The bar i knew would get their attention was:

“Pushing hope like they use to do wit dope, Wanted freedom all we got was a quotes, Money talks then you listen close.”

Those lines right there speak to the times we’re in. They want us to have everything but what we really need. Money talks and people who are stuck in survival mode wanna join the conversation. We have so many quotes from leaders and people who’ve done great things who never got to get to the finish line and the finish line is our elevation our freedom! Nips verse towards the end he says, “When you tell the truth they going come and kill you.“ Anybody who fights for change and peace in this world is always met with resistance, from bob marley to Fred Hampton to Angela Davis. These leaders and great people words’ float around the internet all day and i believe we take them for granted, myself included. Those people had actions in motion & experiences that we today are stagnant on continuing. I think it could be fear based or just not knowing our true power. Not to get extremely preachy or deep, but it’s always good vs Evil. 

What do you think is the bar that people may sleep on listening to “The Relay” and why?

“Economic elevation, all we wanted was change, Looking down at my feet, all i see is chains, But between me and you they could never tame or obtain all this knowledge on my brain”

I  think that’ll get slept on cause it may come off as preachy but it’s necessary. A lot of us feel caged or shackled down in life not knowing that the keys to break free is in your mind. Of course actions & your words have to match it as well. It’s a combo of things. Once we realize who we are and what we’re capable of accomplishing then our elevation will begin. That’s coming though. We just gotta start providing solutions and move away from the constant emotional response to the problems.

What would you rate your pen on “The Relay” 1-10? 10 being the highest?

You know ima say a 10, lol, but the scary thing is i haven’t even reached my full potential, which i see has no ceiling.

What can people expect next from Sinsier?

I have two projects dropping this year the first one will be a EP maybe nine songs called 199x: Nostalgia, and the 2nd project will be a complete body of work but not a album. I am also definitely taking my Visionary Inc. movement to the next level whether it be Music, Merch, business, community works, & being an true entrepreneur. Like Nip said, “The Marathon Continues ??…”

Check out Sinsier “The Relay” below and follow him on Twitter.

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