Mystery Friends – Public Figures

Mystery Friends – Public Figures

“If you could tell me, what is you want”

Music can do so many things. It can really evoke emotion, deliver a powerful message, or take you on a journey to a place you never knew you wanted to be. If you’re going to do music, I would suggest making music on the level to do one of those three things, because if you can it is truly something special. Mystery Friends take you on a thrilling journey to a place filled with groove on their new song “Public Figures”

Mystery Friends makes magic with the new song “Public Figures”. The music has a familiar sounds that makes it feel like home, while creating an exciting experience that makes you want to dance till the music ends. The sound is big and sounds like the soundtrack for the ages. The vocal performance is bright and has that soul to it that makes you feel every word, while creating the perfect storm of musical genius.

Mystery Friends “Public Figures” is what happens when artists dare to be great with their music. The song is truly one of a kind and has all the makings of a modern day classic, From the production, lyrics, and vocal performance, it’s done to a superb level that creates endless amount of admiration for this master class level of work.

Check out Mystery Friends “Public Figures” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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