Lights of Marfa – Slow Burn

Lights of Marfa – Slow Burn

“We just want to be free”

Anything worth talking about will truly have you lost for words! With so much music being able to be digested in different ways, some music is just truly undeniable and can only be looked at as great. It’s not too many songs that defy one’s preference but please believe me when I tell you that Lights of Marfa‘s new song “Slow Burn” is one of those records you must drop everything and hear now.

Lights of Marfa create a superb musical piece with “Slow Burn”. It’s truly some of the best Alternative Rock music you will hear present day with everything coming together to create nothing short of magic. The sound is daring and pay major dividends for this genius level group of creatives with song writing, vocals, and instrumentation that can only come from a true masters of their craft.

Lights of Marfa’s “Slow Burn” is a smash of a record that shows that there is still plenty of creativity and innovation that can come in the form of audio. The vision and feeling the music evokes is everything that makes people fall in love with musicians and their work. The feeling of it makes it a real experience you only get to experience once in a lifetime.

Check out Lights of Marfa“Slow Burn” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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