Faux Canada – Stockton

Faux Canada – Stockton

“Liars teeth will kiss you the nicest, in crisis”

Going through so much music you can only hope to find some good gems along the way but what’s even sweeter is finding the next big star. That artist you hear and you know for certain without a doubt they will be huge, and you will hear their name around the world. The group I’m referring to is Fuax Canada with their new song “Stockton”.

Fuax Canada “Stockton” is a song that’s brilliant in it’s approach with a special sound that you can only get from this talented collective. Everything is done at a genius level, as they digs deep and crafts together a special record packed with great lyrics, and an amazing vocal performance to bring everything full circle.

Faux Canada’s “Stockton” is what you get when artists dare to be great and explore their full realm of creative brilliance. The production is out of this world, the lyrics are engaging, and they’re all delivered by a vocal performance that sounds tailor made for this great body of work.

Check out Faux Canada “Stockton” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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