Lynnsay – 3 AM

Lynnsay – 3 AM

“Take chance and see, if you’ll pick up for me”

Happy Friday!!! It’s another great start to the weekend, where we can all just take a minute to breath and enjoy some good music. Fridays are always about the best of the best and we have the next big thing just for you. This new song from Lynnsay called “3 AM” has an instant classic feel you will love for years to come.

Lynnsay has some of the best songwriting you will hear out there on her new song “3 AM”. Lynnsay is able to take her own story and make it relatable for the masses on this incredible record ,that grabs you in so major you feel that she’s writing the soundtrack to your most vulnerable thoughts. She delivers these amazing lyrics with a soulful voice with the right amount of vulnerability to it, that it tugs at your heart she lays it all over a production that’s just right, as her talents shine.

Lynnsay’s “3 AM” is everything music is about and why people fall in love with music. It connects to you and makes you feel something whether it’s your current mood or not. This song is pure brilliance and makes you want ot hear more from this talented artist.

Check out Lynnsay “3 AM” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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