Gwopped Up Speedy talks Music, Influences, “I Wanna Ball”, and What’s Next for The Rapper/ CEO

Gwopped Up Speedy talks Music, Influences, “I Wanna Ball”, and What’s Next for The Rapper/ CEO

When someone mentions an artist from Michigan, the first thought is Detroit. Understandably with such a rich musical history however, the musical talent in this mitten state is beyond just one city and is everywhere including Grand Rapids. A growing city with growing talent to match. Gwopped Up Speedy matches the aspirational tone in the city, with his hustler’s ambition that you hear loud and clear in his latest release “I Wanna Ball”. This talented artist was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Gwopped Up Speedy the artist?

First off thanks for this interview I’m honored to do this Im feeling the site and what y’all doing with Global Money World salute. Well, I’m a humble passionate kid hailing from little ole Saginaw/GR, MI with a passion to spread my message through music with the intentions to inspire and motivate. I feel like, well I KNOW I was born to do this and chase legendary status. I feel like as an artist I’m the best at what I do, and that’s just being myself.  

Who are some of your influences? what do you take from them and apply to your music?

So many to choose from. Some of my main influences are 2pac off top my favorite artist ever. UGK, OutKast, Ice cube, Freddie Gibbs, starlito, Don Trip,  Boosie and webbie, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jay Z, Scarface, Curren$y, Nipsey Hussle, master P.. just a few I can name off top. 

What I take from them is to be honest and personal with my music. Aim to make the artist know me as a person and touch on subjects the average person can relate to, especially the ones who in the struggle and dealing with everyday life. Also how to talk to the ladies, be bold and raw and uncut. Don’t give a fuck about other ppl opinions and how to always tell your truth. How to tell stories and the truth about society through lyrics and paint a picture. I studied all of the greats, you name them I listened to them. I did my history. I feel like that’s important to do if you really want to be great and have longevity. Oh yeah, and how to be your own boss and entrepreneur. Play the game don’t let it play you. 

What was your approach when making your new song “I Wanna Ball”?

When I made I wanna ball I just wanted to speak everything I plan on doing with my life into existence on a song. First I flipped the hook from Warren G classic track “I want it all” and flipped the words than after that the rest came easy. The second verse I just spoke on what I see the average nigga who ain’t handling his business as man doing, and I basically said if u wanna ball.. that’s not the way to do it. The song came out perfect to me I Knew it would slap when I wrote it cuz it came from a real place.  

When did you know it was time to drop your new song “I Wanna Ball”?

Well I recorded that track last year, it was the first joint I did after my brother and Co CEO of Gwopped Records caught a case. Free Gwopped Up JD. I’ve been playing it to ppl in my circle since then and all of them was like “that’s the one, that’s a banger”. When I dropped it I just felt like it was needed because nothing sounds like it. I’m all about timing, and I didn’t want to sit on it too much longer as well.  

What do you want people to take away from your music?

That they learned something about me every time. I want them to take away the messages I give, I want them to get nothing but pure game. I want to be compared to the greats and respected for what I present. Respect is worth more than money to me. I want to be that artist that you’ll want ya kids to listen to when they get older and get that 2pac feel. I want to be known as the realist.  

What’s next for Gwopped Up Speedy?

Whatever God got planned for me. I’ll see y’all at the top I been at the bottom too long. More music, more consistency, more shows, working on a mini movie right now and also I plan to drop 3 more projects this year. One love, stay sucka free and stay Gwopped Up.  

Check out Gwopped Up Speedy“I Wanna Ball” below and follow him on social media. Stay Global my Friends!

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