Dee Wallz – 9:01 PM

Dee Wallz – 9:01 PM

“Hit the show, get the dough, and now they arms up”

Hip Hop is as diverse as it can be present day. So many different styles of rap being displayed across the genre, it’s hard for anyone to really say what real hip hop is anymore, but for myself real emceeing will always be a rapper stepping up to the plate and lyrically conquering a beat in a masterful way. That’s exactly what Dee Wallz gives us on his new track “9:01 PM”.

Dee Wallz truly conquers the game on this new track “9:01PM”. Dee is lyrically sharp and right on time in his executions, with bars that carry genius emceeing articulation. Dee Wallz snaps on this track with a vengeance on this beat with a golden age feel that he holds his own on and shines to the fullest.

Dee Wallz “9:01 PM” really makes a statement to show he should be mentioned in any conversation of rappers who really spit. He’s young but has the lyrical prowess and emcee presence of a rapper beyond his years, with him mastering his skills and being in his zone on this gem of a Hip Hop record.

Check out Dee Wallz “9:01 PM” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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