Numbers On The Board April: Saint Lane, CILLA, Box House, Chris Jake, and Trvpbeez

Numbers On The Board April: Saint Lane, CILLA, Box House, Chris Jake, and Trvpbeez


“Ballers, I put numbers on the board”

Numbers on the Board was created to showcase a select few of incredible talents we have on the platform. This is for the artists who really put in work and excel at their craft. For the month of April the choice was made for us by these amazing people, Talented rapper Saint Lane, Songstress CILLA, the talented emcee Trvpbeez, creative producer Chris Jake, and the exciting band Box House. Get familiar with them below!

Saint Lane –  Saint Lane is beyond amazing on “Compliment My Shirt” as his flow is packed with flavor and his lyrics are beyond braggadocios, as he gives a master class of penmanship on this exciting record. Saint Lane snaps all over this hard production with the right amount a bass as he doesn’t let up for a second packing a knockout punch with every line. Click the link below to learn more about Saint Lane.

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CILLA – CILLA crafts together a record that has that thing that makes people fall in love with music with her new song “Needed”. The production is truly amazing with not only setting the right mood but also shows her wide range of talent.. It takes control of the mind and body with the brilliant production and vocal performance that delivers every line to perfection, with the songwriting that makes you feel like she knows your whole story. Clink the link below to learn more about CILLA.

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Box House – Box House crafts together a sound that is as pure as stepping sand on their new song “Lovesick #2”. The brilliant production makes you feel the breeze of the pure Rock being displayed, with an authentic sound that’s reminiscent of The Smith’s “Hatful of Hollow” project. The vocals have a rawness to it that works in the music’s favor that paint the dreamy scene, while making you escape reality during this four minutes of genius audio bliss  Check out the latest article of Box House below.

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Chris Jake – Chris Jake creates a masterpiece with “Don’t Wait for Tomorrow” the sound has a presence of it’s own, and sets a mesmerizing tone for Jogiel Pinero to give you some soul all over the record. The vocal performance feels good to the ears and rides this production to perfection as the pair come together to make musical magic. Check out the latest article of Chris Jake below.

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Trvpbeez –  Trvpbeez was first on Global Money World with his song “Over My Dead Body” giving you a raw perspective on his life, to make a modern day classic. With his new song “Mr. Feeny” Trvpbeez shows his range and shows he can keep it all the way real, as well as make a hit with this swagger filled jam with unlimited replay value. Check out the latest article of Trvpbeez below.

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