Marqbeyond – Reign.Intro (Prod by Dexter Brandon)

Marqbeyond – Reign.Intro (Prod by Dexter Brandon)

“We lost some pennies, chasing dollars”

Happy Friday!!! We’ve made it out another week and we’ve made it another day to enjoy some more Hip Hop. You can already expect excellence on this great day of content and what’s Hip Hop excellence like an authentic top of the line emcee spitting flames in every line. An emcee that does that and more is Grand Rapids own Marqbeyondwith his new song “Reign.Intro” produced by Dexter Brandon.

Marqbeyond shows his genius and bares his soul on his new song “Reign.Intro” off his upcoming project “Belafonte”. Marbeyondraps with the ultimate conviction, while masterfully delivering his truth that comes from the soul, to the point you feel every words in your bones, over this production that is perfect canvas for the work of art created. Marqbeyond keeps his pen sharp and you can hear hours of polishing his craft in this song, with everything being delivered with masterful execution.

Marqbeyond’s “Reign.Intro” is that heavy Hip Hop that you can feel the emcee putting their heart into it. The content is real and true to him, while keeping his pen game on point. The presence is commanding, flow is powerful, and the delivery is right on the mark to deliver Hip Hop greatness that makes listeners lifetime fans. 

Check out Marqbeyond “Reign.Intro” produced by Dexter Brandon below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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