Master Pen: Miquo

Master Pen: Miquo

“I used to tell em be safe, knowing this city full of hate” 

Being an emcee is about more than just spitting rhymes. It’s about telling a story and crafting together a body of work that is not only amazing music, but a record with integrity displaying everything it means to represent this culture of Hip Hop. An emcee who embodies this is Miquo with his new song “PROLEMS”. Miquo was gracious enough to take the time to break down his Master Pen with us. Below is the interview.

Who is Miquo the artist?

I’d say I’m an artist who puts his life and pain into his music, a true poet from the city of Baytown Texas. A lot of people think Texas doesn’t have real raw spitters. I’m one of the few, I really rap and leave my soul on these tracks. I’m passionate about this music, I’m not in it just for the check. I’m in it to plant seeds for the youth, take care of my mother, put the team on and to make relatable music that the masses can vibe to. I’m as ill as they come.  

What inspired the raw and lyrical approach to “PROLEMS”?

Man honestly, when I got the beat from AraabMuzik I just went crazy on the track letting out some of the anger and agony that’s been inside of me. I just started venting about all the problems and adversity I’ve had to face and overcome since I dropped out of college and threw away my football scholarship. It’s been a long and wild 5 years. I just had a lil bit to get off my chest here. Just wanted to give them a feel for the energy that’s going to be channeled on my forthcoming album. So I’d say my trials inspired the track wholeheartedly.

In your opinion what is the bar you wrote that you knew would get people’s attention and break it down?


Self explanatory, when you not seeing ends you see who ya real friends are, a lot of people gonna fold on you and act as if they don’t see you out here hurtin. But when you got money everybody’s ya friend/relative.

What do you think is the bar that people may sleep on listening to “PROLEMS” and why?



I lost my lil brother (19yo) on 6/29/18 then my lil homie passed earlier this year. Both pure souls, young but had a mind of their own. I’ve been in plenty situations where I could’ve lost my life but somehow I’m still here. They say the good die young, so at times I feel like maybe I’m not as righteous as I thought I was and at times it feels like I’m rotten in the inside. Survivors guilt is a muthafucka yo. Shit is real and so is PTSD. 

What would you rate your pen on “PROLEMS” 1-10? 10 being the highest?

Honestly I wrote this verse straight off emotion. No extras, this was a personal joint. My pen was on 10 per usual though. Just know my style is never the same yo so my approach/delivery is always gonna be different but ALWAYS on 10.

What can people expect next from Miquo?

Album Coming Soon, I’m working. I’m looking forward to being the rookie of the year in 2019. I gotta control the summer. I’m sitting on too much material. Can’t choke now, it’s crunch time.  

Check out Miquo “PROLEMS” below and follow them on Twitter. 

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