President and Founder of 6xEntertainment C. Von Parchman talks his vision, 6xEntertainment, his staff and what’s next for this thriving company!

President and Founder of 6xEntertainment C. Von Parchman talks his vision, 6xEntertainment, his staff and what’s next for this thriving company!

If a man is the company he keeps, then Founder and President of 6xEntertainment C. Von Parchman is truly greatness in the flesh. From his dedicated staff of CEO Marty Arnold and Marketing/ Media Relations Anthony Murphy to the incredible roster of Tia P., Ki, and Lord Raka. Mr. C. Von Parchman was gracious enough to take the time to answer some questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is C. Von Parchman?

 I am the Founder and President of 6xEntertainment. Est. 2000 I’ve been a part of the entertainment industry as a musician and actor for over 50 years. I’m a father and husband who had been married for almost 30 years. SM: @cvonparchman

What inspired you three to link up and form 6xEntertainment? 

Our passion for “quality music” All of us have a distinct uniqueness that we feed off of. Marty and I (C.Von) met back in 2015 via a mutual friend. Marty was looking for someone to pen lyrics to some tracks he had produced. It was anything but love at first because his first response to the song my artist had written to his track was “What in the hell is she saying?” however, a year later we re-connected and last year we decided to merge our companies. Marty is a man of many resources and Anthony is one of them. He possesses a certain tenacity that’s become a rarity; never one to settle, he’s always seeking new opportunities to enhance the brand.

What’s your vision for 6xEntertainment? 

To create a Motown-esque type of platform whereby artist can create without conformity. To establish a collaborative environment that allow our artists co-write with one another as well as participate on each other’s projects. I want our artist to write as many songs as possible so that they don’t necessarily have to depend on performing to make a living. To goal is to have the name of the company be synonymous with Class and Quality. I want us to be that 1 Stop Shop that the industry can call on when they need a hit song, electrifying talent, production or management 

What do you enjoy the most about running 6xEntertainment?

 There’s no greater reward than being a part of helping someone bring their vision to life. Running the company with the team gives me purpose. Learning from them gives me joy. A result of having a fairly young roster, I’m always kept abreast of the latest technology and latest music “trends” Unlike when I started, there are now ENDLESS opportunities for artist to get their music out. Our goal is to show them how to establish an endless string of income.

What do you find most challenging? 

Working alongside someone that not only shares your vision, but your passion. Marty is the first person in 19 years that I’ve ever partnered up with. I’ve had others that I’ve worked with, but never partnered. Because we live in a #GottaHaveItNow society, it can be a struggle getting artists, especially new artists to understand that there’s a process to becoming an establish artist. Doing the A&R stuff that record labels no longer do, i.e., Grooming, prepping for interviews, helping them establish their publishing, stage performance and social media training.

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own music company?

 I would start off by asking, “Are you willing to risk it all by putting it all on the line?” If their answer is yes, I would reference several books that they should read:

  • “All you need to know about the music industry” by Donald S. Passman
  • “This Business of Music” by Sydney Shemel
  • “Everything You Better Know About the Record Industry” by Kashif

Afterwards I would suggest that come up with a mission statement, get a DBA or LLC., acquire a domain name(s), get a website with ecommerce capability. Take some online social media marketing classes. Next, figure out the direction and once establish, start looking for new talent. For starters, I would go to

What can people expect next from 6xEntertainment? 

I guess you can say that’s a loaded question. The practical answer is, all 2 of our new artists will be dropping their respective new singles ay the top of the Summer and our Flagship artist, Tia P. new single and video for “Come Together” drops on 4/11/19  But more than that, you can expect the unexpected. We’re not reinventing the automobile, but putting some new tires on it with a brand-new paint job to match. we’re not going for shock value, but substance. We’re going to shape, not emulate the sound of music. When you think of musical G.O.A.T.s, or labels, there’s a certain sound that comes to mind; i.e., Prince, Michael, Stevie, Dylan, Aretha, Whitney, Motown, Stax, LaFace, Bad Boy & Capital Records.

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