Dee Wallz – Magnificent Music

Dee Wallz – Magnificent Music

“Whenever I dream , I dream lucid”

Growth is essential to becoming a great artist. Growing with every release and music aging like fine wine determines who can really last through the times. No other artist is growing like Dee Wallz. Dee Wallz was first on the Global Media Blog with “Have It All” and followed up with his bravado filled “Mob Ties” and he’s back with his new song “Magnificent Music”.

Dee Wallz provides the motivation you need for the grind as he spits magnificently (pun intended) on “Magnificent Music”. Dee creates a track that is reminiscent of Rick Ross classic record “Luxury Tax”. The production is lavish and the rhymes are luxury, with gems being delivered in every line that makes this track gold.

Dee Wallz “Magnificent Music” is another trophy in the case for this impressive emcee.  From the lyricism, ambitious flow and amazing production, that is the perfect canvas for the picture he creates. Dee Wallz performance is a master class of emceeing as he raises the bar every time he releases with a brilliant display of hip hop.

Check out Dee Wallz “Magnificent Music” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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