CEO’s and Founders of 6ring Dylan Hardin and Sam Margol talk their background, 6ring, and what’s next for the dynamic duo

CEO’s and Founders of 6ring Dylan Hardin and Sam Margol talk their background, 6ring, and what’s next for the dynamic duo

An incredible mind can do wonders on it’s own, but when people come together it’s magic. Like the quote says “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” and there’s no pair that’s moving forward like Dylan Hardin and Sam Margol. We were first made aware of 6ring from their work with talent Kae Draco. The talent and professionalism by their work left an impression, that we had to know more about this pair. They have taken the time to give us an interview to learn more about them. Below is the interview.

Who is Dylan Hardin?

I’m from Chicago, just a music nerd and hip-hop head at the end of the day. 

Who is Sam Margol?

I’m from Atlanta, I grew up loving and making music and I couldn’t imagine a future without it. 

What inspired you two to link up and form 6ring?

We both currently study music business at Syracuse University. We became close friends Freshman year and realized our career goals lined up with one another. We then combined each other’s strengths to provide artists with a one-stop-shop for management, production and marketing. We knew that we can provide a great service for creative and transform their hobbies into lifelong careers.

What’s your vision for 6Ring?

Our vision for 6Ring is to work with your next favorite artist. We want our team to be in the same rooms as the biggest names in the industry. We hope that the music our team brings to the world makes a positive change in the lives of our audience, whether that’s one individual or ten million people. 

What do you enjoy the most about running 6Ring? What do you find most challenging?

Best parts: Working with our artists every day to ensure their music is heard around the world. A positive reception to a new project is a very satisfying feeling.

Most challenging: Being held back from taking a full step into the industry. With that being said, college allows us to have a continuous flow of new connections that we utilize regularly.

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own music company?

Find what you’re passionate about and go all in. If it’s something that you predict to be the next big thing, no problems you face along the way will be too big. Also, there’s a lot of risk in this business, so make sure every risk is a calculated one and be sure to remember what works and what doesn’t. That way, you can save time and money, which are two things that young entrepreneurs must maximize.

What’s to be expected for 6Ring?

We’re looking forward to a lot more content from Kae Draco, in upcoming singles to new videos. Our production team, Red ‘N Dread, has a lot in store for this year with their own music, including some more tracks with Draco. We’ll definitely reveal a new artist we’re working with in 2019 as well

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