Jaye Bradley – Sailor Moon

Jaye Bradley – Sailor Moon

“My loyalty is deep, just know that I’m here for sure”

Hip Hop has come a long way from being strictly about proving who is the more dominant emcee and has made it’s way to even being a love language. From the beginning of LL Cool J dropping “I Need Love” to a culture that didn’t fully give praise, to now some of the best Hip Hop records off all time catering to the ladies. On a season of love the people need that right song that gets the vibe just right. Jaye Bradley has that vibe with their new song “Sailor Moon”.

Jaye Bradley was previously on Global Money World with his song “Pink Lemonade”. Bringing a refreshing  Hip Hop record that showed his incredible skills on the mic. Jaye Bradley shows his versatility on the song “Sailor Moon”. Displaying he can do it all with his smooth rhyme approach, that bars and Sailor Moon references slide all over this fly production that flips Angie Martinez “If I Can Go” . 

Jaye Bradley’s  “Sailor Moon” embodies all of his musical styles that we have grown to love. A throwback feel from the rhyme style, that shows he’s a true students of the game and master of his craft, while yet being so new and refreshing that it’s a breath of fresh air from the present status quo that makes him a stand out talents.

Check out Jaye Bradley “Sailor Moon” below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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