Founder of Power Entertainment Kadeem Phillips gets candid on his influences, vision, his amazing roster of artists, and everything to expect next

Founder of Power Entertainment Kadeem Phillips gets candid on his influences, vision, his amazing roster of artists, and everything to expect next

When starting something the goal is make as big of a statement as possible. With the first feature for First Class we wanted to bring the spotlight someone that we knew exuded excellence and represented everything people can expect moving forward. CEO of Power Entertainment Kadeem Phillips was a no brainer for the first choice.

Kadeem Phillips is a stand out CEO who also manages a dream team roster of artists like Lul Lion, ProducedbyNigel, YS Trakkz, Hitkidd, A.O., and T Head. Kadeem was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule to answer some questions for us. The interview is below.

Who is Kadeem Phillips?

That’s a tough question. Lol I’m really still trying to figure that out day to day. I was born and raised in Memphis till I moved to Nashville in 2010 for college at Fisk University. I’m a very laid back person, and I kinda live life through a different mindset than most. To answer your question honestly I’m the Coach. I build who I am, on what I can do for the people around me as well as myself. That’s all I focus on. Just really trying to be a better Kadeem Phillips than the day before. 

What inspired you to get into the music business?

I’ve been in music since I was young. Started off with Band in middle school where I played Trombone. I taught myself to DJ and produce in high school. After becoming the VP of the Fisk University Choir, I gained a new passion in the music industry which was the administrative side. Shortly after arriving at UTKnox for another program, I had a couple of people approach me about management and even running their collective/label because of my knowledge of the music industry. Those conversations created the concept of a label that could possibly change the ideaolgy of underground labels not only in TN but on a global scale. I went on a trip in the summer of 2016 to Dallas, LA, and Boston, that completely evolved my understanding of the music industry and pushed me to create Power Entertainment. When I returned from my trip I came back to the small team I had and announced my idea for the label. A week later after signing my first 3 artist(DOSE, Reggie Ran$om, Monty G) who had been with me as I laid the foundation, I was told about Lul Lion, I called her we linked went to the studio. I called my good childhood friend Josh Blair(Burnie) for him to become president and he connected me with Gavin for AR, I got them in as staff, now we are on our first tour. It all happened so fast but we were prepared. 

What’s your vision for Power Entertainment?

My vision for Power Entertainment is to happen become a major label. As we explore the new music industry we learn to create opportunities for ourself rather than depending on others. I want to recreate the underground music industry and become that driving force to push artist to the next level. Labels don’t have to be this money hungry force chasing artist to sign them to deals where they never see any of their money. Our team has created a process in which everyone benefits. In a few years Power Entertainment will be able to effectively develop artist and restructure their careers to naturally flow with their talent. We wish to create a stress free environment where our Artist can focus on their music as well as learn the ins and outs of the music industry. We have a production label (ConcreteRose Productions) which will serve as our label for not only producers but graphic designers, film, photo, and fashion. The sky is the limit and we pretty much have our hands in everything. 

What do you enjoy the most about managing? What do you find challenging about managing?

I like creating opportunities for others, it really drives me to be able to secure something for somebody who I know deserves it. My most challenging experiences come when we work with others honestly. People don’t work like we do, and that’s not to say we think everything we do is right or what others do is wrong. At Power we just have a certain way we do things and it works for us. So when we try to merge that with others it just doesnt flow like when it’s our team. Surprisingly I love it do it’s hard to call it a challenge. I learn from mistakes that’s how I grow. Without that process we wouldn’t be here. 

What advice would you give someone trying to get into the business side of music?

Create a vision and make it come true. Learn as much as you can. My first year with power was really research with my team and doing paperwork. It helped a lot because it wasn’t an opportunity we weren’t ready for. Stay true to yourself and to your team. Knowing where you want to go and what your vision is also helps. You have to understand things don’t happen over night as well. Even in the hard times stick through it. It will all pay off and that’s the best part. 

What can people expect next from you and your artists?

We have a lot happening this year. Reggie Ran$om is getting ready for his debut album with Power Entertainment and it’s going to be career changing for him. Lul Lion is on tour for most of this year as we promote her first album(SAFE) and second EP(Threat Level Midnight). DOSE is set to drop is third EP with us as we continue to develop him as an artist. Matt Lucas is the newest member of our label and we are also excited to get started with him as well. We will be doing a lot more shows and doing our first round of visuals this year as well. It’s going to be a great year for Power Entertainment. 

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