CEO and Founder of 2Dffrnt Antonio Washington goes in depth on his journey in fashion, 2Dffrnt, and what he has in stored for the future

CEO and Founder of 2Dffrnt Antonio Washington goes in depth on his journey in fashion, 2Dffrnt, and what he has in stored for the future

Greatness can not be ignored. It must be acknowledged and admired. That is the way the brand 2Dffrnt makes you feel. Antonio Washington, CEO and Founder of this stand out brand, has crafted a brand that is amazing and built with integrity. When you see the signature 2 on the clothing, you can expect high quality every time. Antonio was gracious enough to take time to do an interview with us. Below is the interview.

Who is Antonio Washington?

Well I’m from Charlottesville, Va I am 25 years old and a father of 3. I was raised by my mother and Grandmother, My Grandmother Verdell and daughter Aa’Meria were an huge inspiration behind the brand along with my two sons Cam and Savion. I pretty much came up from nothing never really had much, and I’m just a kid from Charlottesville Virginia trying to make it.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

I’ve only been into fashion for about 7 years now, and i started 2Dffrnt about Two years ago, but what inspired me was urban culture, and seeing people like myself come up from nothing and make something of themselves, weather it was through music, fashion, art, cooking etc. that motivated me and inspired me to chase my dream and bring 2dffrnt to life. 

What’s your vision for 2Dffrnt?

My Vision for 2dffrnt is,

To make this more than just a brand, but more so of a lifestyle if that makes sense.  When people hear the name 2Dffrnt I want it to ring bells! Like it’s mentioned on my IG page it’s based in My hometown of Charlottesville, va, but I want to see this being worn in different cities across the Globe I want to have the whole world showing off why they are “Dffrnt”. 

What do you enjoy the most about running 2dffrnt? What do you find most challenging?

I enjoy satisfying the people who support me the most. Without the support their really isn’t a 2DffrntBrand just seeing people satisfied is what I enjoy the most honestly, But in another aspect it’s also sometimes challenging to satisfy people because i make a lot of the stuff myself and i try to make everything as close to perfect as possible and sometimes it just doesn’t workout that way, and that’s okay because I feel it’s always room for improvement but that’s the most Challenging part for me. 

What advice would you give someone trying to start their own brand?

My advice to anyone thinking about starting their own brand:

Trust the process, and don’t ponder on the idea for to long

Because if you wait to long that’s all it will ever be is an idea, chase your dreams, surround yourself with the right kind of support system and watch your dreams take off, now it will be sacrifices that have to be made along the way but long as you are on the right and patience everything will fall into place, so chase your dreams only you can stop you. 

What can people expect next from 2dffrnt?


This spring and summer i am shooting for more ladies wear a lot of my products are unisex but ever since I’ve started 2DffrntBrand I’ve had a higher female support system so i figured why not design something’s for just the ladies and yes that includes the plus size women! Also athletic wear for the spring and summer. 

I’m also gonna be revealing some new logos by the middle of March so stay tuned for that, like i said I’m trynna spread across America “Make America Dffrnt”. 

Check out Antonio Washington and his stand out brand “2Dffrnt” on Instagram below. Stay Global my Friends!

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