Wyatt James – Money Burned, Lesson Learned

Wyatt James – Money Burned, Lesson Learned

“F**k that my time is now, stars aligned I’m flying now”

Happy Mondays! For all who are reading this, Thank you for coming to the site to enjoy another day of good music. It’s a pleasure to bring you new music with every post and even more pleasure to bring you new music from Wyatt JamesWyatt was previously known by MadeByDubs and gave us consistent good music under the moniker. With a new name and new project “Happily Sad”, Wyatt James gives his best lyrical display yet with his new song “Money Burned, Lesson Learned.

Wyatt James is a master of putting all of his talents on full display and they’re on full bloom on “Money Burned, Lesson Learned”. Wyatt gives some of his best rapping to date, with the production giving off emotion that’s rare present day in beat making, as you can feel the hunger and desire to make it before he opens his mouth. As soon as he speaks he rips into the self produced track spitting flames with his flow being ambitious and his lyrics hitting hard at every line.

Wyatt James “Money Burned, Lesson Learned” is a perfect representation of his new project “Happily Sad”, with it having everything one could love from amazing production, on point lyrics, and a flow that brings it all home. Expect to hear a big announcement regarding Wyatt James on the Global Media Blog soon!

Check out Wyatt James “Money Burned, Lesson Learned” as well as his new project “Happily Sad” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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