Producer Spotlight: Troy Ceasar

Producer Spotlight: Troy Ceasar

When starting the Producer Spotlight for the Global Media Blog the mission was to bring light to the people behind the boards. The producers and engineers who make everything work behind the music we love. We knew it was imperative to make a statement with the debut and after hearing Willie The Kid’s new “Studio 28” project, I knew Troy Ceasar was the right producer to make a statement with.

Troy Ceasar is a multi – talented Producer/ Engineer/ DJ Artist who is making waves with his talents. He was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions regarding his work. Below is the interview.

Who is Troy Ceasar the Producer?

I dunno who Troy Ceasar is, lol. He is always exploring ways to become a better Producer, Engineer, DJ or Artist. I would agree that’s it’s safe to say I’m just a lover of the arts and vessel for God to shine light through. 

What production software do you use and why?

Currently the brains behind my operation is the MPC X & MPC 3000le. 

Though I still love software, the ASR-10 & other keyboards and modules I found that with the MPC(s) I can take a drummers approach and midi incorporate the others if I choose, it’s like complete freedom. 

What was the creative process for production on the Willie the Kid Studio 28 project?

The creative process for Studio 28 was alotta great cigars, great scotch and great convo. I just let Willie be Willie and he did the same for me. We never got in each other’s way & that could be because we just had fun and love for the music and our city. We never sat down and was like Yo! let’s do an album, we would just vibe in the studio and be listening to records and magic would happen. We happened to look up and was like Maaaaan we got like 12 records LMBO. 

What was your vision for the beat for  “Never Slip Away”?

I just love the original recording by Leon Ware but I kept wanting to hear that loop over and over…

What was your inspiration for making the beat tape Ceasar Salads III? Which beat is your favorite?

I’ve always made beat tapes, CS3 is no different. I would give them to my friends as gifts & sometimes I just don’t wanna hear any rapping or singing, only music.

My favorite on CS3 would be Salad Dressing, my daughter is on the intro sitting in front on the MPC with me on my lap so it’s all authentic and organic.

Which artist would you love to collab with and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Jim Jones, I love his vocal tones. I think he would sound amazing over my instrumentals. Marsha Ambrosius is a wish as well, she’s so ill to me, the illest & underrated. I love this girl named Yummy too, she sang on DeLaSoul’s Much More. Her voice is one of a kind as well. 

What’s next for Troy Ceasar?

Besides rigorous studying to improve I’m currently working on a musical score for PRSRV Clothing Co as well as my own solo project and a joint venture with my cousin Albert. I’m really excited about those. I get to go outside of the box. 

Check out Troy Ceasar’s work on Willie The Kid’s “Studio 28” project and his beat tape Ceaser Salads III as well as follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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