Landon Tate – Birdwalk

Landon Tate – Birdwalk

“Going back to Mississippi saying mayne”

One of the best parts of having a blog is discovering new music. Finding new artists with their own special flair that instantly draws you in and gets you excited. An artist that brings nothing but excitement is Mississippi’s own Landon Tate with his unique style on his new song “Birdwalk”.

Landon Tate gives you that bounce on his new song “Birdwalk”. As soon as the music starts he come in with his high powered unique flow, that just has a raw feel that instantly engages you. Landon has plenty of charisma that helps him maneuver through this track perfectly and once the drums comes in he knocks it out the park and let’s it be know this is one of the hardest tracks you will hear in your life.

Landon Tate’s “Birdwalk” is phenomenal from amazing production from Unjibbed that sets the tone, Landon’s amazing flow, and his great lyrics like “This one for my cousin looking up at the stars at night”.Landon raps like a new age trap Kid Cudi and it makes for nothing short of excellence.

Check out Landon Tate “BirdWalk” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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