Benajmin Scott – DONNDVRKO

Benajmin Scott – DONNDVRKO

“She like Benji do the most, I take that 15 then I’m ghost”

Music is very subjective and it effects everyone differently. Some music instantly grabs you and you love it as soon as you hear and some music it just takes time to grow on you. Benjamain Scott’s new song “DONNDVRKO” falls in line with the music you love as soon as you hear it.

Benjamin Scott’s “DONNDVRKO” is a fast pace and high powered banger. Benjamin floats all through this hard accelerating production with his flawless flow and slick lyrics that drip sauce all over this track.

Benjamin Scott accompanies “DONNDVRKO” with the perfect video that brings this brilliant track to life. The video for “DONNDVRKO” is just as exciting as the record with Benjamin Scott giving you the total package from an artist.

Check out Benjamin Scott “DONNDVRKO” below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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