Geno Five – 10K FREESTYLE

Geno Five – 10K FREESTYLE

“Swear I’m living the fast life and the gear shifted, career decisions to grab mics and appear driven”

Hip Hop has come a long way from streets of the Bronx and is now the most popular genre in the world. So many people have fallen in love with hip hop for their own reasons. Some for the story telling, the emotional connection, the bounce, and some for the pure fire that an emcee can spit that will make a desert out of the coldest conditions. Geno Five is the latter with his new song “10K FREESTYLE”.

Geno Five is fully jacked in on “10K FREESTYLE” as he is relentless in his approach with no breathers. Constantly making a punching bag on this hard soulful production that was made for an emcee like Geno Five to snap on. Geno lines hit with precision with every line making you want him to keep going with lyrics like “If you want smoke I can reup and you can get it too”.

Geno Five’s “10K FREESTYLE” is that real hip hop you need in your life as it is a track that hip hop purist will appreciate his lyrical craftsmanship and new age rap fans will listen in awe.

Check out Geno Five “10K FREESTYLE” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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