Mike SB – Tellin Em

Mike SB – Tellin Em

“Who am I supposed to be, when I’m striving to be great”

When anyone needs to feel inspired they run to music. There’s always a message for us to here out there that can get us through our toughest challenges and adversities. Today that message comes from Mike SB on his new song “Tellin Em”.

Mike SB brings us high caliber rapping on soulful production on the track “Tellin Em” which is the first song after his hiatus. Mike SB doesn’t miss a beat, while catching us up to speed on his life. Mike SB comes to the track more focused than ever with hard lines like “My pen chilly, this world cold, and I been chillin”.

Mike SB’s “Tellin Em” is authentic hip hop at it’s finest. His flow is polished to perfection, his rhymes are high class, and he completes the whole package with a soulful hook that brings everything home for this hip hop masterpiece.

Check out Mike SB’s new song “Tellin Em” below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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