Casey Dinero – Dinero Vol 1 (Album Review)

Casey Dinero – Dinero Vol 1 (Album Review)

Texas has had it’s fair share of legends from the Geto Boys, The whole screwed up click, Swishahouse movement, and many others. There’s no set standard on what it takes to be legendary but when you know it when you hear it. Casey Dinero sounds like the next big thing from Texas the world will know about on his new EP “Dinero Vol 1”. 

Wipe Me Down: ” I Feel like Lil Boosie, Lil Baby, come wipe me down”. Casey Dinero starts off this EP with all flex with swagger beyond his years as he kicks nothing but game on this bass heavy production. Casey sets the tone well with raw lyrics and bravado filled flow on this opener.

$$$ Abundance $$$: Casey Dinero turns it up a whole other level on the second track. With the ground set by the intro Casey follows up and gives you one of the trillest songs I’ve heard in a long time as his flow is infectious over another great production with him spitting all game in abundance. 

Dead Homies/ Dead Presidents: “I put it on the dead homies, I’ma do it for dead presidents”. For the finale Casey comes with a  track that is so Texas it should have a Dallas Cowboy logo stamped on it with his relentless flow he represents the south to the fullest on this EP that will have you waiting to see what he does next.

Casey Dinero’s “Dinero Vol 1” is a brilliant display of hip hop that cements Casey as a rising star from Texas. He’s a young confident artist and this EP is his soundtrack for him taking over the world.

Check out Casey Dinero “Dinero Vol 1” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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