Jance – Soft Parade

Jance – Soft Parade

“If you ain’t praying for the fam then you against me”

Every region has it’s own sound of hip hop but the place that almost fuses them all is the Midwest. The Midwest rap sound is a perfect blend of high energy, hard lyrics, with an undertone of inspirational hustle to it. Nothing encompasses that more than Grand Rapids own Jance with his new song “Soft Parade”.

Jance works wonders on “Soft Parade” as he crafts together this high energy soundtrack to your weekend from beginning to end from you getting fresh , driving in the car, and in the club with a celebratory feel singing every word to perfection.

Jance floats on “Soft Parade” as he shows nothing but flex on the mic setting the perfect tone as he displays his brilliance of crafting hits, with his charismatic flow and perfect blend of hard lyrics, that any given line can be a caption on social media over this bass filled production.

Check out Jance “Soft Parade” below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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