Jason Greensocks – Collected

Jason Greensocks – Collected

“I’m winning like I’m super, you see what I’m saiyan”

Hip Hip is usually present day either very lyrical hardcore hip hop or trap bass heavy with minimalist lyrics coming from the pen. Very rarely are the two fused and if it’s done its not up to par. Jason Greensocks is the artist to bring the two together as he drips nothing but sauce on his new track “Collected”

Jason Greensocks takes full control over this trap heavy beat instead of letting the beat make him. He flows with nothing but confidence and right in the perfect pocket as he meshes with the production. Jason is no slouch on the mic either as his lyrics pack nothing but punch as he spits hard lines that make you say “Did he really say that” with bars like “Ain’t called no uber for ya chick, but can you please come get her back”

Jason Greensocks is on fire on this new banger “Collected” and anyone who listens will be able to enjoy. Check out the track below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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