James Wesson – Magic

James Wesson – Magic

“young n**ga trying to make the picture clear”

Monday Madness is still going as I give you the best of the best every Monday. This track I’m bringing you is all around fresh with dope lyrics, a flipped Willie Hutch sample with a banging set of synths and keys to knock it out park. The track I’m bringing to you is an artist who been scheming since 95′ named James Wesson with his new track “MAGIC”.

James Wesson snaps all over the track “MAGIC” with a calculated flow that makes sure every bar hits with precision. James Wesson’s lyrics are hard over this production that is self produced with Dave MacLean on the bass on a beat that takes me back to Diplomatic Immunity. 

James Wesson’s “MAGIC” is full of quotables like “Ghost Rider I just need a fuego bike, I already got flames up in the mind” as he raps like he’s trying to take over the world and he very well may one day.

Check out James Wesson’s “MAGIC” video below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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