Zaniyah – Why

Zaniyah – Why

“Look me in my eyes might cry”

One of the hardest things to do present day is to find good music. Something harder than that is to find good music to fall in love with but i managed to do both with Zaniyah’s new song “Why” off her sophomore project “This Album Isn’t for Everyone”

Zaniyah’s style has its own unique eloquence to it that feels as pure as stepping into sand as her angelic voice gets you lost with every “Why” that she sings out in her song. 

Zaniyah’s song “Why” takes you on a journey of her insecurities as her lyrics are honest and aware of her deepest feelings. The song “Why” is touching in every sense and takes me back to days i fell in love with N.E.R.D and Kelis.

Zaniyah also has Tre Heimlich for a rap feature that has a style comparable to Tyler the Creator that carries his own with witty punchlines like “Blow the status quo like a Nintendo cartridge”. Everything comes full circle to make the song “Why” an amazing piece of art that anyone can enjoy

Check out Zaniyah’s song “Why” below as well as her new project “This Album Isn’t for Everyone”. Links to her social media are below. Stay Global my friends!

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