El Dirty AC – Dirty Talk (Album Review)

El Dirty AC – Dirty Talk (Album Review)

El Dirty AC is back on the Global Media Blog with his new album “Dirty Talk”. The project is filled with High Class Player flavor dripping on every track with a style that if it had to be put in to one word it would be “Player”. Dirty Talk is a 12 track project of El Dirty AC at his best flexing on every track, over the most flavorful production he could find, while crafting together a masterpiece that will grow into one of his most acclaimed projects. 

Dirty Talk has a lot of standouts but the first four Bounce Back, PayPal, That Glow, and my absolute favorite “On Purpose” were the most absolute fire to my musical ear and definitely let you know El Dirty did not come to play. El Dirty comes out firing on the track “Bounce Back” with a track that reminds me of Memphis legend Kingpin Skinny Pimp chanting the hook “Boss up, its time to bounce back” letting you know he’s back and he’s better than ever. 

El Dirty keeps the vibes going with the track “PayPal” that takes me back to UGK Ridin Dirty album and has the slickest intro you’ll ever hear on a track. My favorite track “On Purpose” shines bright on this 12 track collection instantly smacking you in the face with the bass filled production that could be the soundtrack to any city. El Dirty flexes on purpose (pun intended) all over this standout.

El Dirty AC’s “Dirty Talk” is a must listen for your present and future as he gives you nothing less of High Class Player shit in his newest and best effort to date. Check out the project and below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends!


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