Praise – All Praise Due EP Album Review

Praise – All Praise Due EP Album Review

Happy Monday!!!

A start to a new week should be celebrated with new music and emcee Praise new EP “All Praise Due” is the music you need.

Less is more as “All Praise Due” is only two tracks with the lyrical bravado filled track “I dont Remember you callin” and the hard hitting title track ” All Praise Due”. 

I Don’t Remember You Callin: The first track wastes no time as Praise takes over as soon as the bass heavy drums comes in “You can keep all of that small talk, It’s way too much on the agenda, These shows have me gone back to back, I’ve been gone since November”. Reflecting how much his life has changed since his previous project titled ” MORE” that released November 2017. Praise’s flow flows seamlessly over the track as he rides the beat and words are as fluid as water while lyrically still packing a punch with sick quotables such as “All summer long like lemonade, ice cold b**ch I’m better made”. Praise starts off the “All Praise Due” EP well and makes you wonder does he have more of this….he does.

All Praise Due: The title and final track is everything it needed to be. Praise makes every line count through out this entire EP especially with this track. “It’s just different” are the first words you hear from Praise before he comes right in with “I can boom bap on it, but maybe i should trap on it, Damn sure can’t relax on it, I’m just giving what they lack on it”. Immediately coming right in with the bars that lets you know he can do it all, he has no time to waste on the beat, and he’s everything the game needs right now. Praise shows he’s lyrically a problem for any emcee out there and matches his hard lyricism with the swagger filled hook that any one can sing along to.

The “All Praise Due” EP is a great body of work and great mixture of true emceeing with a modern trap feel that any listener can enjoy. A link to the project is below as well as a link to his social media and his latest interview on podcast “Coach 88” where he talks in depth on this great body of work. Stay Global my friends!

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