Cable feat Jaivyn – Scholarships

Cable feat Jaivyn – Scholarships

“Scholarship money on dash”

College Season is approaching and with new starts comes new music. Queens emcee Cable has the track just for that can emerge as a new anthem titled “Scholarships”

The track “Scholarships” starts off with space age keys and synths that can make you imagine big lights at night in a big city. Over these sounds you can hear Cable tuning up with the chant “Turning, dropping, listen i’m on time”. A jumping up and down feel with the kind of vibe an athlete gives before putting up 30 in a game.

As soon as the beat drops Cable comes in with an ambitious flow that’s reminiscent of Drake during his Comeback Season days that will keep your head nodding anticipating what he will do next.

Cable never lets up while makes every line count with quotables such as “Doubtful smokes the devil lettuce, I’m filled with the angels in heaven” and “Tell em its on God, after they pick up their jaws”. The hungry bravado feel that makes you believe the world will hear about him one day.

If you need good music look no further than Cable. A link to the song is below and follow him on social media. Links are below 

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